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KASSERO EDIBLE AND BIO DIESEL OILS LIMITED Registered in England No: 580978 VAT Reg No: 138 0223 00 (HEAD OFFICE) Address: 6/8 Albert Rd St. Philips , Bristol BS2 0XA , United Kingdom. +(44)-70-31850224 (SUB-HEAD OFFICE) Address : 40 SAAD ZAGLOUL STREET, ELRAMAL , Alexandria , Zip: 00000 , Egypt . TEL : +(2)01111443037 Mr. Richard Matt Skype : kasserolimited TEL: +(44)-70-31850224 +(2)-01111-44-3037 KASSERO EDIBLE AND BIO DIESEL OILS LIMITED is an International Manufacturing/Trading Company involved in the manufacturing,Import, Export and General Commodity Trading of alot of Edible/Biodiesel and crude oils . We manufacture lot of commodities which comprises of commodities in the Energy Industry, Agriculture Industry, hoping to expand to other sectors as soon as possible. We have a very high level of Trading EXPERIENCE in International Trade and we treat our Clients as they should be treated as the sole base of our Business. We are also hoping to expand to other sectors in the near future. Are you a serious Buyer/ Importer/ Investor or Company interested in buying/ Importing Commodities or Investing in the products we trade in listed below. Then YOU ARE MOST WELCOME as we promise to use our International Connections and reputations to ensure that your commodity and Cargo are always at your designated Port of Supply right on time. However if you have needs of Agricultural Oils like :Sunflower Oil,soya bean oil,vegetable oil, JATROPHA OIL,BIO DlESEL OIL, Palm Oil, COOKING OIL , Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Corn Oil ,Rapeseed Oil,etc or in the Energy Sector like: Crude Oil (BLCO, REBCO, SLCO) D2, MAZUT, LPG, etc and many more . products to mention but a few,as we sell per metric tons and we also sell in containers say 20ft,40ft containers e.t.c Below is the shortlist of some of our products: Used Vegetable Oil Sessame Oil Corn Oil Vegetable oil Soya bean Oil Sunflower oil Jatropha Oil Palm Oil,crude palm oil, RBD Palm Oil Cooking Oil Biodiesel Castor Oil Grape seed Oil WE ARE THE PRODUCER Quantity: Minimum order - 10 MT per shipment. WE OFFER FREE SAMPLES FOR FREE, BUT YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO PAY FOR FREIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Maximum order - 15,000 MT per shipment Date of First Delivery: By agreement in Contract Delivery Method: Bulk by vessel, ship to tank ETC DELIVERY TIME ......3 TO 5 WEEKS SAMPLES DELIVERY TIME ......WITHIN 48 HOURS(2-3DAYS). Packing: IN CUSTOMER PREFERRED METHOD Price:$300 USD per Metric Ton, Payment: T/T ( Bank Transfer ), WIRE TRANSFER Inspection: The quality and Quantity of Goods will be confirmed for each shipment on a certificate issued by the SGS at discharge port at buyers account which shall be binding on both parties in all respects. Please feel free to contact us for Business, We promise to handle your Supply uniquely than others because at KASSERO EDIBLE AND BIO DIESEL OILS LIMITED - WE FLY HIGHER TO MAKE IT SIMPLE. for our Buyers/ Importers/ Customers/ Distributors/ Companies. You can always send your Order/ Request to Skype : kasserolimited or call TEL: +(44)-70-31850224 +(2)-01111-44-3037 We promise to always respond as soon as possible. Hoping we do good business with your company Sir/ Madam. ENJOY YOUR STAY WITH KASSERO EDIBLE AND BIO DIESEL OILS LIMITED. YOU HAVE JUST FOUND THE RIGHT COMPANY ONCE AGAIN WELCOME TO KASSERO EDIBLE AND BIO DIESEL OILS LIMITED.
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*دودج كاليبر أمريكى الصنع فبريكا بها تلاجه خاصه إستخدام ممثله مشهوره للبيع# دودج كاليبر أمريكى موديل 2007 أتوماتيك 2000 سى سى 160 حصان كانت مركونه من 2007 حتى 2010 ماشيه لحد 2014 - 51 ألف كيلو فقط بها تلاجه خاصه داخل السياره وعدد 9 سماعات قويه بى كاسيت أمريكى أصلى قوى و صالون فخم جدا شكل خارجى فخم جدا لو أحمر نيبيتى ميتالك رشه فقط أجزاء بسيطه خارجيه نظافه فى التوكيل جميع فواتير الصيانه معى من التوكيل بها أنظمه إلكترونيه موفره جدا فى البنزين 6 لتر كل 100 كيلو متر ضريبه فى المرور رخصيه جدا زى أى عربيه 2000 سى سى حوالى 400 جنيها تقريبا العربيه الوحيده فى العالم إللى حازت على كل عوامل الأمان وتم إختبارها على 24 مليون كيلو متر ثبات رائع مع سرعه جياره جدا محركها تربو قوى جدا وسريعه جدا من أول دوسة بنزين بها الكتالوج بتعها وضمنتها وجميع أورقها فى التوكيل وبها عدد 2 مفتاح أصلى الرخصه فيها 9 شهور وصورها بالإعلان المطلوب 173 ألف وفيه فرصه بسيطه للتفاوض عند الجديه و للمعاينه الإتصال بالمهندس جمال أبوزيد ت 01113609534 على اللينك ده تقدر تتفرج على العربيه فديو تجهيزات أخرى وسائل الراحة : • مرايات كهرباء • فرش جلد • المكيف • فتحة سقف • باور • ريموت كنترول • نوافذ كهربائية امامية • نوافذ كهربائية خلفية نظام الصوت : • مشغل اسطوانات • راديو كاسيت وسائل الامان : • وسادة هوائية للركاب • وسادة هوائية جانبية • نظام الفرامل المانع للانغلاق-ABS • إنذار • كشافات ضباب • نظام توزيع قوة الفرامل EBD • وسادة هوائية للسائق • حساسات • جنوط • مقاعد كهربائية
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